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The Magical Nutcracker




Inspiration Break – The Magical Nutcracker


I have only seen one ballet in my life.  But I have seen that one nearly twenty times.  The Nutcracker at the Auditorium Theater here in Chicago ( has become a tradition for Christy and I to share together since she was old enough to sit still long enough to see it.  Each year we look forward to dressing up, inviting a girlfriend or two, carefully selecting a nutcracker to add to our growing collection, and treating ourselves to the elegance and beauty that is unique to the ballet.  My favorite scene is the romantic Arabian Coffee and Tea, while Christy’s is Mrs. Ginger – the gregarious old woman with about 15 children. Even though I have seen it several times now, I try to see the ballet through new eyes each year to get a fresh perspective and discover a renewed delight in this ageless tale.


This year, I focused on the breathtaking interplay between the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Nutcracker Prince.  The Sugar Plum Fairy was exquisite in her sequins and pearls and tiara as she daintily twirled and tip-toed on pointe across the floor with diaphanous wings.  Beauty and elegance personified.  As she danced, her handsome prince gazed on her from afar – admiring and adoring her every delicate graceful step.  When it was his turn, the prince leapt and bounded across the room in an amazing show of power and strength, as the fairy princess lovingly looked upon her chivalrous white knight who had come to her rescue. 


Each of their individual dances was impressive.  But when they came together –  this was when the ballet became magical.


Together, their graceful bodies were in complete harmony and their performance was more magnificent than they could ever be individually.  He balanced her as she pirouetted gracefully in place.  She soared in the air as his steady arms carried her high above his head.  In complete trust, she ran and leapt into his strong yet welcoming arms, knowing that he would catch her and embrace her in a loving cradle.  Their timing was flawless as their bodies intertwined.  And together, his masculine strength and passion combined with her feminine beauty and grace made the enchanted fairy tale spring to life.   We were bewitched by their spell.


As I sat mesmerized watching the rest of the ballet, my mind wandered as I thought that this intricate, romantic, graceful dance is a beautiful model for every couple, regardless of whether or not we have  our pointe shoes.   How lovely it would be if every gallant prince cherished his princess, not for being like him, but for everything she is that is different from him – beauty, grace, delicateness, and elegance.  How sweet life would be if every princess gazed upon her prince charming as her courageous knight in shining armor, appreciating his strength, ruggedness, protection and support.  And how our lives would reflect a little piece of heaven if, together, our dance was magical – a resplendent harmonious combination of loveliness and strength, gracefulness and power, artistry and steadfastness.  Together, soaring higher than either could ever hope to alone.  Completely trusting and completely trustworthy.   Stability and security in this spinning world.   Grace overflowing, elegance in abundance.   Inspiring, blessing, and encouraging  . . .   Ah yes,  magical indeed!


May you find magic with grace overflowing and elegance in abundance this season and always.



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